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Meet Dr. Christina Lowenthal

Changing Lives, One Spine at a Time

christinaDr. Christina Lowenthal knew it was unrealistic to dream of changing the world—but that didn’t mean she couldn’t make positive changes for one person at a time. She turns her big dreams into action as she helps people of all ages live the lives they want without any health issues holding them back. Serving the South Virginia Beach area at our Landstown Commons location. Near the Virginia Beach Courthouse, Red Mill, Salem, Kempsville, Shadow Lawn, Damn Neck, London Bridge, Holland Road, Lynnhaven Parkway, Green Run, the Virginia Beach Farmers Market, Sentara Princess Anne Hospital, Pungo, Sandbridge, Ocean Lakes and Strawbridge.

She wants to share hope and love with her community as she enables them to be as healthy as possible.


Catching the Vision for Natural Health Care

Dr. Christina’s health care journey began when she got a job working for a chiropractor. She quickly found a home in the patient, understanding community of chiropractors that took her under their wing and took the time to listen and answer all her questions. Thanks to their mentoring and support, Dr. Christina began to believe she could serve others through chiropractic care, too.

Since graduating from Life Chiropractic West in California, Dr. Christina has never stopped learning and growing. She is certified in ICPA and the Webster technique and has completed a BIRTHFIT educators program so she can better help pregnant women, babies, and kids.

Dr. Christina is passionate about creating healthy lives, not just responding to isolated symptoms. She carefully educates patients so they understand what steps they can take to accelerate their way to healing.

Recharging With Family

With three siblings and 13 nieces and nephews, Dr. Christina has a lot of experience around kids. She’s about to marry her fiance, Ryan, and she enjoys traveling, reading, and time with friends.

As hard as she works, Dr. Christina knows the importance of rest and self-care. She recharges through massage, facials, reading, and staying home with her black lab, Heimdall.

Take a Step Toward Healing Today

We want to help you function at your best. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Christina Lowenthal | (757) 321-7776