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A Players Guide to Soccer

Soccer is an exciting sport for active kids

Soccer is an exciting sport for active kids

With the excitement of the game, it’s no wonder why so many people love the sport of soccer. While it’s thrilling and rewarding to play, it’s not the easiest sport on your body.

There’s a lot of impact on players when they slide and dive for the ball. Kicking, heading and the agility of the game add a lot of pressure to both your neck and your spine. Over time, this can mean major injuries and prolonged pain.

In addition, it’s common amongst soccer players to get concussions from injuries on the field. These can add severe strain to the neck and spine and that’s where the importance of chiropractic care comes in.

Reduce and Prevent Injuries

I care for a lot of adults that used to play soccer. Many of them are now having issues with their neck. These issues that have been around since they were young are just now showing up later in life.

So what’s the problem with waiting to receive care? Getting care later on down the road prohibits faster, thorough healing.

Experience the preventative health benefits of coming in while you play to stay healthy! It’s important for children who play sports to visit us once a week. Those that are playing more intensely will benefit from care twice a week.

To Prevent Injuries…

Warm up. It’s always wise to warm up before getting on the field no matter what sport you’re playing. Loosening and preparing your muscles for movement will help you play better and avoid getting hurt.

When You Do Get Hurt…

Rest after your injuries. Getting back on the field right away doesn’t allow your body to heal properly, creating problems down the road.

See your chiropractor. Regular chiropractic care has a lot to do with not just your spine and neck. Care helps your muscles heal quickly and more efficiently.

Curious if you have an injury that needs to be addressed? Wondering if chiropractic care can help you perform better on the field? Call or visit me and let’s talk more about how care can enhance your life!

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