Wave of Life Chiropractic Reviews

First Adjustment was Incredible

I have loved everything about my experience at Wave of Life Chiropractic thus far – the initial consultation and the thorough breakdown of my evaluation were so informative and interesting! My first adjustment was incredible. I can’t wait to see how this impacts my overall quality of life – thank you, guys!

– Brianna F.

Welcoming and Friendly

Everyone was so welcoming and friendly! Each member of the care team has been helpful and have given explanations with a very positive attitude. I’m looking forward to starting my journey!

– Ashleigh W.

Very Professional and Personable Staff

Very professional and personable staff. The doctors are very informative and they listen to your history rather than drawing to their own conclusions as to why you feel the way that you feel. I am very excited to start the treatment plan that they created for me!

– Mykayla A.

Nothing But Good Things to Say

After determining that Dr. Carly was able to help me, the explanations of the payment plan, the flexibility of being able to reschedule appointments as well as the informational courses that are offered on Tuesday evenings, are all part of a great program. The time and money investment are worth having better health and feeling 100%.

– Chelsea S.

Receptive & Knowledgeable

I like it because my child has a play area where we can get our treatment uninterrupted and with ease. The staffs are friendly and nice to our child. Dr. Carly is receptive and knowledgeable. We made the right choice to be at Wave of Life.

– Meng Meng P.

Very Impressed

I’m very impressed with how Dr. Carly and her staff approach chiropractic medicine. I look forward to moving through this process with Wave of Life and am hopeful that we will see good results.

– Gianna D.


From the initial phone call, I feel like I am on the way to being sincerely and expertly helped! So friendly, professional, state of the art but with casual feel; truly caring! Love my on-time appointments; surprised to see so many small children, pregnant women and whole families investing in taking care of their health thru chiropractic! Amazing! Feel a huge difference after each treatment! I’m making an investment in my health. 66 yr old woman!!

-Margaret (Margie) A.

Very Happy

I came in for an emergency visit and not only did they welcome me but the had me in immediately! After my adjustment, I followed the doctors’ order of icing and I was feeling 100% by morning. I went from barely being able to take a step to walk in no pain in a matter of hours. Very happy and I will be back for follow-ups for sure!

-Deanna Z.


My visit with Dr. Carly was the first time I’ve seen a chiropractor. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a doctors office. Dr. Carly, and her staff are extremely welcoming. She listened to the long list of sports injuries I’ve sustained over the years, and after a few tests, she was able to explain how chiropractic care could help. I am very excited to get on the road to recovery without carrying a pharmacy of pain revilers around. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Carly!

-Joseph P.

So Glad

I am so glad I found Dr. Carly for a chiropractor! Not only is she very skilled at her profession, but she also made me feel at ease with her right off the bat. With the lightest touch, she can sense where my tension is and release it. I even signed my husband up for care with her and he said he feels like a new man after only 2 sessions! He says he feels stronger and like his body is connected better!

-Megan K.

Pregnancy Pain Decreased

My pregnancy pain has decreased dramatically and my baby has moved all over vs staying in my lower stomach.
My husband feels like a teenager again and can finally get a full nights sleep without waking up which hasn’t happened in over ten years.

-Kim B.

Could Not Be Happier

My first visit with Dr. Carly Swift was on a day when everything else in town was shut down because of snow. I was in pain and asked her if I could make it to the office if she would still see me. Dr. Swift did let me come in and did a very thorough work up on me. She did not rush me on anything and took time to answer all my questions in spite of the weather that day. Subsequent visits have been just as good. I could not be happier with the care I am receiving and the results I am getting with Dr. Swift and Wave of Life Chiropractic Center. I would recommend Dr. Swift to anyone interested in chiropractic care.

– Robert B.

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