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Chiropractic Care for the Weekend Warrior
at Wave of Life Chiropractic

excited soccer teamEvery game depends on maximizing your accuracy and response time. Contact sports put the body in a constant state of physical trauma. Subluxations and damage to the nervous system can cause pain throughout the body. If not addressed, injuries often compound, causing muscle imbalance and misfiring.

Our doctors Dr. Carly, Dr. Krista, and Dr. Christina provide customized sports care to correct the damage left by injuries and keep you moving at your best.

Faster Reaction Times

Regular chiropractic care doesn’t only respond to injuries. It can also prevent future injuries by improving your reaction time, so you can catch yourself when you start to stumble. One study found that reaction time improves as patients continue in long-term care. Athletes’ reaction time dramatically improved when they’d been under care for four weeks rather than isolated visits. Those who had been under care for six months saw even better results.

Healing Quickly From Injuries

Adjustments also increase the speed of healing by removing restrictions within the spine and joints. For example, it’s common for a bone to get locked out of place when you face a sprained ankle, tennis shoulder, or tennis elbow. If that bone stays in the wrong position, it hinders the healing process. Restoring your alignment in any affected joints increases the amount of blood, oxygen, and healing nutrients flowing into hurting muscles and ligaments so they can recover quickly and thoroughly.

A Regular Part of Sports Wellness

Chiropractic care is taking off in the sports world as professional teams increasingly have their own sports chiropractor. If you’re often sliding, diving, leaping, falling, or experiencing impacts or hard blows, you’re at constant risk of being slowed down by stiff kinks in the neck or more soreness than you should endure. It’s important to get your bones back into alignment on an ongoing basis to relieve muscle tension and keep you excelling at the game.

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