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Virginia Beach Massage Therapy

Woman receiving a therapeutic massage

In combination with chiropractic care, massage therapy can help improve circulation and muscle tone.

About Massage therapy

Massage is a manual therapy that can help you with a number of different ailments. From relaxation to help for medical conditions, nearly anyone can benefit from a healing massage. We’re ready to relieve the stress in your body and help all systems in your body to function better!

Types of Massage Available

Our certified massage therapist is trained in several different forms of massage:

  • Energy Healing
  • Deep tissue
  • Sports massage
  • Therapeutic massage

We’re ready to create a custom approach that combines the best of all techniques that will work for you. Our massages are deeply relaxing and leave you feeling great.

Preparing for Your Massage

If you have any medical conditions, please consult your physician to be sure that massage is appropriate. Come in prepared to relax and enjoy the benefits of massage therapy.

Our fees are a flat rate for every massage type:
$75 for one hour
$100 for 90 minutes

Diane McKeon, Massage Therapist

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The Massage and Chiropractic Connection

Our massage therapist is clinically trained to work with doctors. Massage is a form of therapy and is a complement to chiropractic care. Your chiropractic adjustments will benefit you more when your muscles are relaxed. Combining massage therapy and chiropractic will allow you to make more progress, faster.

Do you need time to relax from the stresses of life? A healing, individualized massage is just what you need! Call Diane 757-777-8672

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