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Clothing Drive for Premature Babies in Korea

I was just informed by a client that in Korea premature babies are frequently sent to orphanages because of their disability. Not only that but premature clothing is hard to find in this country and therefore these parents are taken advantage of and an outfit costs them $70! ONE outfit costs $70! You can find clearence items  at Target for $2-3! This is so sad and frustrating because of such beautiful human being being discredited. Stevie Wonder, Sir Issac Newton, Sir Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Anna Pavlova were all premature babies and went on to change the world! Image the potential these children have and aren’t given the opportunity or the credit for what they could become when they grow up.

Do to this information we will collecting donations in the form of premature size clothing (mostly male), gift cards to go shopping for premature clothing as well. This will be from Feb 1- March 31st and will then be shipped to orphanages in Korea. If you would like to make a donation please stop by our office at Wave of Life Chiropractic Center.

Dr. Carly Swiftclothing drive

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