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Our Body Is Amazing!

I was just reading 35 amazing facts about the human body ( 35 amazing facts ) and one of the facts is “Nerve impulses travel to and from the brain at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour, faster than a Formula 1 race car.” The human body truly blows my mind with the ability to regenerate cells, fight viruses, and grow a human being – what can’t we do?! Given the right environment I believe our potential is endless.

You have the ability to heal. Granted there is a limitation of matter (we can only generate cells so quickly to stop a bleeding wound) but really look at what we take for granted every day. When you get a hang nail your body sends a tiny army to fight bacteria with those fighting cells sends troops to rebuild the skin around your nail. When you digest the food you eat your body takes the nutrients and energy within the food to use as tools and material to build new cells. Constantly throughout your day millions.. TRILLIONS of projects and systems are working around the clock to ensure your can live and complete your day.

Did you have to study how to make new cells? Did you have to take a test to learn which nutrients go where to grow hair or skin? NO! You automatically know how to do these complicated processes! And I mean complicated. Most of you cringe at the thought of microbiology or organic chemistry, but whether you are educated in the subject or not you body knows the in’s and out’s automatically!

Spend some time today being grateful for your eyes, ears, stomach, heart, lungs, muscles, red and white bloods cells. Smile at them and say thank you for the work you do every second of every day!

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