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Pregnancy Stretches

pregnant mom stretching outside
As a chiropractor, I understand the importance of taking care of your body during pregnancy. This is why I offer workshops to help expecting mothers learn stretches that can benefit not only themselves but their growing babies as well.

Stretching is beneficial for everyone, pregnant or not, and incorporating it into your daily routine is ideal. However, it’s important to be aware of the structures in your body that change during pregnancy and the stretches that should be avoided. As relaxing as stretching can be, doing it incorrectly can cause harm to you and your baby.

Relaxin is the hormone that helps relax the cervix and ligaments during delivery. It lubricates and loosens your joints and ligaments which can cause you to overstretch and create an injury. So you need to go less than you would normally do if you weren’t pregnant even if you are flexible and a regular yogi.

Stretches to avoid include: laying on your stomach, laying on your back for an extended period of time, and anything that involves excessive twisting.

Recommended stretches:

  • Downward Dog: lift your hips in the air from a hands knees position extending your legs and lifting your knees
  • Camel: knell and lean back to your comfort level
  • Cat Cow: on hands and knees arch your back then let your belly fall
  • Leg Lifts: on hands and knees lift one leg at a time
  • Fire Hydrant: on hands and knees keep the knee bent and lift in the air
  • Bird Dog: On hands and knees lift opposite leg and arm to balance
  • Lunge: in a lunge position lean back to bring a stretch into your hip flexors
  • Butterfly: In a seated position bring your feet together and let your knees hang open
  • Figure Four: Laying on your back bring the opposite foot over the opposite knee and pull the thigh toward you
You never want sharp pain during a stretch. Always honor your body and do the stretch with slight resistance. Call us for further evaluation on how we can help your pregnancy.


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