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When to seek prenatal chiropractic care?

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In a previous blog post we discussed how chiropractic helps during pregnancy and why it is important. What we didn’t discuss is at what point do you decide to see a chiropractor? I have people call me at the breaking point and it breaks my heart to see them hurting in such a way that could have been helped months previously. Now life happens I understand this but it gets to the point where your quality of life is decreased when you wait until the last minute. I recommend people begin care even before they conceive then their body is already prepped and ready to go (or should I say GROW!). It’s like taking a long car ride across the country are you going to get your car tuned up the morning before you leave? No. You will get an oil change, tune up, clean the car, and pack it all at least the week before you leave.

Chiropractic not only helps during pregnancy but it promotes a more regular menstrual cycle and uterine function before conception. It will lay a foundation for your body to be strong and balanced to carry the pregnancy. Restoring proper nerve function in the lower spine has also helped many couples who thought they were infertile. How? Nerves in the low back go to reproductive organs and their starting point is out of the spinal cord and through vertebrae. If there is a subluxation in that area there is reduced nerve function to these vital organs therefore the organs are not functioning optimally. A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment in the spine and cannot properly move and causes nerve irritation. The message from the brain is slowed down and your life force traveling through your nervous system is unable to reach these organs at full potential.

So many decisions are made when choosing to have a baby. During those decisions begin to interview your local chiropractors. Check out their website and give their office a call to see if you can meet with them before making an appointment. Help prepare your body for this adventure by getting care started before you conceive or within the first 2 trimesters. If you do wait don’t think it’s hopeless. There have been great results for woman who are at 34 weeks or even 39 weeks pregnant. I look forward to helping you along this adventure if you happen to be in the Hampton Roads area.

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