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Making Pregnancy, Birth, and Your New Baby Healthier

Chiropractic Is For Expectant Moms

Safe, simple chiropractic care during pregnanc gives your baby a healthy start

Safe, simple chiropractic care during pregnancy gives your baby a healthy start

Simple, safe, effective chiropractic care is proven to help with:

  • Reduction of labor time
  • Reduction of the need for intervention during labor and delivery
  • Providing a more balanced state for mom during pregnancy, so she can be more relaxed
  • Discouraging breach presentation
  • Providing symmetry in the pelvis so babies are encouraged to turn to “head down”

Dr. Carly recommends pregnant moms get adjusted 1 – 2 times per week, especially in the third trimester when there is so much stress on the spine. This will help reduce your discomfort during pregnancy, and help prepare your body (and baby!) for labor and delivery.

It’s For Babies Too!

Delivery is quite an intense experience! During delivery, there’s a ton of strain on the spine of your newborn. Although birth is a natural and healthy process, we don’t always allow it to progress without any intervention – and sometimes we’re not able to.

As a result, we introduce additional stress on the baby – perhaps through medication, through the use of physical force to pull on the baby, or by pulling the baby out of a cesarean incision.

All of these stressors can hinder baby’s ability to enter the world with an untainted nervous system. But gentle and natural chiropractic care can equalize that damage. It can give your baby a fresh start, and it’s so gentle that even a newborn can be adjusted.

“I use the example of testing a ripe tomato to show moms and dads how light of a contact I make in order to adjust their infant,” says Dr. Swift.

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